Outlaw Guns?

20 12 2012

Outlaw Guns ~ Only Outlaws Will Have Guns


Making Sense of Senseless Violence

20 12 2012

Never Know When Goodbye May Come

Another school shooting (Sandy Hook
Elementary in CT) and the cries for gun control begin. I am deeply saddened that
a mentally disturbed young man (age 20) who apparently had a resentment against
his mother, and had argued with school personnel this week, decided to go shoot
up the school she taught at. She’s been killed, along with 20 children, 6 school
personnel, and the shooter killed himself. It is almost unfathomable the horror
being experienced in that small community of Newtown,

Even with that being the case – I am a strong
believer in personal safety, and this includes carrying (legally) my handgun.
I’ve gone through a rigorous safety class which included shooting practice and a
review of my mental health history, to be able to carry concealed. I am sorry
that many people believe that removing handguns from society will make it safer.
My favorite saying reads: “Outlaw Guns ~ Then Only Outlaws Will Have Guns”.
Somehow, this mentality does nothing to make me feel safer.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this
tragedy. This includes parents, children, teachers, law-enforcement, and school
personnel. Our nation will grieve ~ but I hope our nation reacts sensibly ~ and
doesn’t condemn the individuals who wish to legally carry

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